Your well-being is in your hands!

We are all different, our lifestyles are different, and so are our respective needs. So there is no need to search for the "miracle recipe" or the infallible instructions for use to reach your top form and the physique of your dreams!

Personalization! This is the key to success in improving and adapting your lifestyle to your needs and goals.


  • Phase 1

    You tell me about yourself, your life habits, your weak points, your objectives

  • Phase 2

    I offer you adapted and progressive solutions and present you the different "ingredients" that make up your "recipe".

  • Phase 3

    Together we take action!

What are these ingredients?

Physical activity

a wide variety of techniques such as pilates, yoga, crossstraining, lifting, crossfit, etc.


no diet but a healthy dietary rebalancing without frustration

Mind balance

holistic approach (naturopathy): lifestyle advices, relaxation techniques, massages, etc.

It is the combination and the right dosage of these different parameters that will allow us to optimize your health, your general well-being (physical AND mental), your performance, your relationships with others ... YOUR LIFE!

Help you to be better ...

in your head and better in your body! This is my mission !


So if you have decided to take your well-being in hand, if you want to improve your "recipe" and feel better, better and better, then I will be pleased to accompany you in your approach.

And above all, never forget. It is the small changes that are repeated regularly that bring about big changes!

Slowly but surely, it is never too late to take care of yourself, and choose to move towards a better self, a better life.
Let the adventure begin!

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